Trash & Recycling Policy

To ensure effective waste management, we have designated specific trash bin areas for each of buildings (see map below):

  • Buildings 1-5: Trash bin area at 351 Hermosa
  • Buildings 6-10: Trash bin area at 353 Hermosa
  • Buildings 11-15: Trash bin area at 1100 Amado 
  • Buildings 16-20: Trash bin area at 1150 Amado

We kindly request your cooperation.  If everyone adheres to the designated trash bin areas, it will help distribute the waste load evenly and maintain the intended balance of five buildings per designated trash area.

We understand the importance of community cooperation and would like to avoid implementing strict rules.  Instead, we encourage all residents to inform their renters about the appropriate trash bin area for their building.

Your cooperation is crucial in ensuring a clean and well-maintained environment for everyone.  Thank you for your attention to this matter, and let's work together to keep our community in it's best condition.

If you have bulky items that do not fit in the dumpster, YOU MUST arrange for pick up with Palm Springs Disposal by calling (760) 327-1351 x 2. Please see the link below for more information.

State mandated organic recycling is available at 351 Hermosa & 1150 Amado.  Please read the link below for more information.  ALL FOOD SCRAPS MUST BE BAGGED in clear plastic liners or paper bags.  No pet waste is recyclable, it must go in the trash.  Yard waste can be loose and tossed into the bin for recycling.

All boxes need to be broken down to fit in the recycling bin(s) with the lid closed.  NO BAGGED ITEMS.