Architectural Rules from CC&R

Please review the entire CC&R’s for more information regarding architectural adjustments.


You must submit an Architectural Request for any modifications. Please submit a request, even if you think it is not necessary.  


5.6. Architectural Rules. The Architectural Committee may, subject to review by the Board of Directors, and in accordance with Civil Code Section 4360, or comparable superseding statute, from time to time adopt, amend and repeal rules and regulations to be known as "Architectural Rules." The Architectural Rules shall interpret and implement the provisions of this Declaration by setting forth the standards and procedures for the review and approval of proposed improvements and guidelines for architectural design, placement of any work of improvement or color schemes, exterior finishes and materials and similar features which are recommended for use within the Property, provided that such rules shall not be in derogation of the minimum standards required by this Declaration. The Architectural Rules may also specify type and color requirements for patio furniture, patio or balcony covers or awnings, plants and barbecue equipment and the colors and types of materials to be used as window coverings visible from outside the Units. In the event of any conflict between the Architectural Rules and this Declaration, the Declaration shall prevail.

6.4. Architectural Approval for Exterior and Interior Improvements. No Owner shall at his own expense or otherwise make any alterations or modifications to the exterior of the buildings, fences or railings containing the Owner's Unit without the prior written consent of the Association or the Architectural Committee, if any. Furthermore, no structural alterations to the interior of or Common Area surrounding any Unit shall be made by any Owner without the prior written consent of the Association or the Architectural Committee, if any. Under no circumstances shall any Owner undertake any activity or work with respect to the Owner's Unit that will impair the structural soundness or integrity of another Unit or impair any easement, or do any act or allow any condition to exist in or around the Owner's Unit which will adversely affect any other Units or their occupants. No bearing walls, ceilings, floors or other structural or utility bearing portions of the buildings containing Units shall be pierced or otherwise altered or repaired without the prior written approval of the plans for the alteration or repair by the Architectural Committee.